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Vaporizer or Humidifier PDF Print E-mail
Written by HC Team   
Thursday, 06 October 2011 18:27

Now that the first cold start, close the windows and turn on the heating by lower the moisture level of the house. The appropriate level is between 45 and 65% below, the throat is dry, cover the nose and aggravate respiratory problems and allergies. Therefore, pediatricians advise using a device that carries moisture to the airways and the environment to counteract the dryness. But is better the vaporizer or humidifier?

Before you invest, you should know what does each one beyond the pretty designs. The function of the two is to produce moisture to help in the flow of secretions that when children have colds, speeding recovery. The main difference is that the humidifier runs cold when the steamer produces steam.

Humidifiers require distilled water must be kept very clean, because, by not heating the water, can grow more easily bacteria or fungi. But they have the advantage that they are safer because they produce hot steam and therefore no risk of burns.

Vaporizers can run on tap water, because heated (100 °) eliminates any microorganisms. They produce hot water vapor, so extreme care must be taken in handling these devices with children around. We must always put it on the floor, out of reach of children and recommend using it before bedtime to prevent it from being lit at night and may cause an accident. Should be cleaned once a month in which resistance builds up tartar. It also lets you place a scented balms. Another advantage of the volcano vaporizer is economic, because, by producing heat, will benefit the heating bill.

The latest ultrasonic humidifiers are like Chicco Globe, which are super quiet and produce micro particles of fog suspended in the air longer. You can adjust the steam flow when cold, can also be used in summer. The disadvantage is that they are more expensive.

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0 #2 Russell Jones 2013-11-11 09:18
check more reviews about humidifier at:
0 #1 Russell Jones 2013-11-11 09:17
I would recommend the Honeywell ‘TrueSTEAM’ series of humidifier. These units do not rely on evaporation from a hot air stream from your furnace and will work effectively as long as the blower is on. There is less chance of mold or pathogen growth (Legionella); altogether a better system.

However, these units are high-end and will be priced as such.

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