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Written by UrDocter   
Thursday, 18 February 2010 08:49

Chronic skin changes due to irradiation occur only years, and sometimes decades, later. Redness and edema of the skin are accompanied by atrophy with induration of the collagen, disappearance of cutaneous appendages and ulcerations with reduction of blood vessels, depigmentation or hyperpigmentation, teleangiectasia. X –ray keratosis (precancerosis), basal cell or squomous cell epithelioma. Apart from yhe expected damage to all its structures, the skin ciontains remarkably large and numerous plasma cells. These cells are evidence of previous irradiation even in the absence of a history, or other marked tissue changes. Where tumors have been incompletely destroyed, the structure of the tumor tissue is usually more abnormal than before; there are reports of exceptional case of increased differentiation as a result as a result of X-rays.

High dose irradiation often leaves a scar. The more serious consequences can be avoided by careful adherence to all precautions. In children, bone growth zone should not be exposed to irradiation as this could lead to impaired growth and bone atrophy. The same applies to the mammary gland in girls, which may fail to develop at puberty. Irradiation near the gonads, especially in children, should only be carried out in special circumstances, and with the appropriate precautions.

Bone and cartilage also absorb more radiation than skin. Late changes are more common in skin portions overlying cartilage or bone than elsewhere, particular care is required before prescribing radiation treatment of skin areas such as external ear, the nose or scalp. Late changes due to therapeutic, and still more to diagnostic X-rays, correctly applied, have been exaggerated. If the indication is correct and the treatment  correctly given, serious injuries should no longer occur.

The best treatment of late changes caused by X-rays consist of the surgical removal of the affected tissues. Roentgen ulcers are slow to heal and have tendency to reopen. Carcinomatous degeneration can occur, or secondary amyloidosi develop, with fatal outcome


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