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Perianal Thrombosis, Accompanied By Inflammation PDF Print E-mail
Written by HC-Team   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 14:43

Perianal thrombosis is marked by blue and painful nodules on the outer anal sphincter, which are accompanied by inflammation. The lesions may follow pressure in the anal region, for instance, hard feces, or straining in lifting heavy loads, or they may occur without discernible cause. Sometimes the patient feels so ill that he is conflined to bed.

Unfortunately this form of thrombophlebitis is often diagnosed as an acute attack of external hemorrhoids and treated with moist compresses, ointments and suppositories. With this kind of treatment, the condition may continue for two weeks or more. The right treatment consist of puncturing the nodule under local anesthesia and removing the thrombus.

Often a fresh thrombus develops in the vascular dilatation, which is removed in turn through the existing incision. Sometimes there may be several thrombi side by side, which require separate lancing. This is followed by application of an ointment containing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents under a pressure bandage.

All these requirements are supplied by some special suppositories. If a perianal thrombosi is not lanced, it may leavea pile. Perianal thrombosi is probably a consequence of internal hemorrhoids. Sclerosing usually leaves the patient free from recurrence fo considerable time. Differential diagnosis should exclude prolapsed strangulated hemorrhoidal nodes. (HC-Team)


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