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Written by dr. Tips   
Tuesday, 21 February 2012 17:17

Many people hear of the material known as asbestos but really do not have an understanding of just what it is. Many people think it is probably a man-made substance. However, it actually is found in nature. In the past, asbestos was widely used for building materials because of its special properties. Asbestos were able to withstand fire as well as high temperatures. While this is true, many later soon discovered that this use of asbestos was actually quite dangerous to the health of people.

There are three primary types of asbestos. This would include white asbestos which are also known as chrysotile. The second type of asbestos is brown asbestos or amosite. The third type is blue asbestos or crocidolite. Of these three types, the most dangerous would be the blue asbestos. This is due to the fact that it is comprised of fibers that are very fine and sharp.

Some building materials use what is known as bonded asbestos. This is made by bonding asbestos fibers with other materials like cement. Bonded asbestos can still be found in homes and buildings today. It is typically used to make flat roofs, roof shingles and corrugated roof. Sometimes it can even be found in textured paint.

If left alone, asbestos usually does not create too many health issues. However, should the particles be disturbed and enter the air, they can be inhaled. As a result, this inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause the development of serious illnesses that are often fatal. Asbestos fibers remain in the air for several hours. They can also land on fabric and other materials in a room which can lead to them being inhaled later. The more a person is exposed to asbestos, the more likely they will contract a serious illness related to the asbestos exposure. If you are suffering a serious illness after asbestos exposure due to someone elses neglect of health and safety precautions you should get in touch with an asbestos compensation solicitor to make a claim.


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