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Written by SNart   
Saturday, 14 January 2012 21:27

Hemorrhoid is such of disruption on the rectum in which the rectum is swelling and in odd moments along with bleeding. The cause of this disease is various. Some occasion due to the sufferer is sitting or standing within too long time. In addition, food consumption is also to be the cause of hemorrhoid. If food we eat is not containing what we need to make the feces easily processed in the intestine and then excreted. If the food is not good enough, the process of excretion is not proper then could make constipation that is difficult in removing fecal.

People who often get constipation will very prone to suffer hemorrhoid. In fact for the severe cases, this high level constipation that also called obstipation can become to be colon cancer or rectum cancer.

There are several ways how to medicate hemorrhoid regarding to the cause of hemorrhoid itself. For people who always stay on one position like sitting or standing, you need to do exercise and sport to vary the movement. For food side, to avoid or treat constipation disruption, just change your bad lifestyle to healthy lifestyle like consuming many high fiber foods, fulfilling the needs of water at least 2litre every day. Moreover, routinely defecate to release the feces and consuming also probiotic.

Probiotic is such of supplement which consists of bacterial or microorganism which is needed for body. The microorganisms strengthen our body resistance, repairing the lactose mal absorption grievance, increasing resistance from infection in intestine, treating constipation and so forth. You can find probiotic from these following foods: yogurt, kefir and sinbiotic.

So, let us prevent early on from colon cancer treatment

Last Updated on Monday, 22 October 2012 19:16

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