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Effectiveness of DNA Testing for Identification Purpose PDF Print E-mail
Written by UrDocter   
Thursday, 16 February 2012 10:06

When somebody with certain reasons wants to know about her/his real identity, then the one of the many ways could be done to find out is by DNA testing. DNA is Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid which is able to be utilized to determine the biological relationship among individuals in a certain family by comparing DNA pattern one each individual.

Each person has a unique DNA. It is such a genetic material which carries information derived. In the human cells, DNA could be found in the cell nucleus as well as in the mitochondria. In the cell nucleus, it forms a whole string of chromosome.

Every child will receive a half-tide of father's chromosome and also a half-tide of mother's chromosome so that each individual carries inherited trait either from mother or from father. Nothing could change the DNA pattern even the habit and lifestyle so that it is the most effective way to know the truth of identity.

Typically, DNA testing is done regarding various matters which need the truth about heredity such as personal matters around child allowances, child custody, adoption as well as legal issues around victim identification and so forth.

Almost all of biological body parts could be used to test the DNA such as buccal swab (oral swabs on inside of cheek), hair with the root, nail, blood and many more whereas the most effective sample is blood. Nowadays, thanks to the technological development presence which can double up to millions of times a DNA fragment to be examined, the sample can be drawn from even the smallest fragment of the sample.

People are allowed to get testing either paternity test or maternity test. Paternity test is to find out whether a man is biological father of a certain child or not. Otherwise maternity test is to find out whether a woman is biological mother of a certain child or not.

When it is done with exactly proper procedure operation standard, the result is more than 99.99% accurate. Moreover, all people could do this testing even without any doctor recommendation.


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